What should a nanny be able to do?


We understand how exciting it can be to entrust your child to a nanny, especially in another country…

But all fears disappear when it becomes clear that Filipino nannies are the most friendly, caring and patient women, and most importantly, they are well trained and qualified.

Our nannies are ALL AROUND nannies.

This means that they will not only look after the children, but also help around the house: their competence includes cooking, table setting, wardrobe care and much more.

In addition, the advantage of Filipino nannies is the knowledge of English.

However, in our company there are two contracts to choose from: “base” and “vip”. Secondly, of course, there are few advantages, for example, a nanny-teacher or a nanny who has completed a first aid course.

To sum up, each of our nannies takes on the function of a mother, so you do not have to worry about your child and your home.


Correctly composed instruction for the nanny - the key to peace in the family

It is no secret that Filipino workers are very diligent in their work, they always listen to requests and try to please.

However, in order for their work to be perfect, we suggest making a detailed instruction for them (down to which tablecloth you want to see on the table). The fact is that every family, like every country, has its own rules. And if there are certain traditions and attitudes in your house, then the nanny may simply don`t know about it. Feel free to bring her up to date, she will be glad to make you a little happier.

By the way, the services of Vice Keeper include assigning a Russian-speaking manager to you, who regulates the quality of the work by the nanny. We will gladly help you with instructions!

Believe us, the time spent on making it will be very valuable for you, because then you will be much calmer from the realization that any of your instructions have been executed exactly as you need!


Our training for nannies: main disciplines

We have already said that the nannies of our company are very experienced and qualified. But what exactly is the qualification?

All Vice Keeper employees are passing four mandatory courses: cleaning, serving, cooking and wardrobe care, and after that they pass mandatory exams, without which they can`t be allowed to work.

As for the child, our nannies have experience in dealing with children of any temperament and development. They are very patient and calm, they know many different games. They will never abuse or conflict, on the contrary, they will support and endear. You can`t worry that your child will feel uncomfortable, sad or bored.

In addition, in any tariff, we teach nannies how to interact with children, even if they don`t know English. And in the VIP tariff, nannies even learn first aid!

All of this makes our nannies and assistants top-level employees, and we vouch for the result.


Why do we choose Filipinas?

Of course, you can find a good nanny of any nationality. But did you know that Filipino workers are considered the best personnel in the world?

It is no secret that Filipinas are very kind, sincere and gentle women. It is customary in their culture to put the family first: from childhood they are taught to treat their brothers and sisters with respect, care and mercy. Therefore, they are ready to give all their love to children, devote all their time to them and share all their knowledge.

Their hard work and diligence are also the costs of culture and upbringing. That is why they often work in the best five-star hotels and companies.

But the main difference between our nannies and others is that they go through mandatory courses in several stages, they know how to cook a lot of delicious dishes and will be happy to make them for you, they clean perfectly, they know all the rules for caring for a wardrobe, and they will also teach your child to speak English!

A Filipina nanny will be the best helper in your family!



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