What to wash baby clothes with? Life without chemicals


What to wash baby clothes with? Life without chemicals

Young children are special. And care for them accordingly. The delicate skin requires the most gentle treatment. Care products, only with a carefully selected composition. How pathetic when the baby is red and crying allergies. Clothing, diapers. Bedding. These are the things that are closest to the delicate body. You need to pay special attention to their washing.

There are quite a few special products for washing baby linen. From the most exotic, to those common, which are on the shelves of supermarkets. One has only to begin to understand and all will become clear.

Soap nuts. Belongs to the genus Sapindus. A tropical tree. The most common varieties are Sapindus Mukorossi (Mukorossi) and Sapindus Trifoliatus (Trifoliatus) Essentially, they are dried fruits. Their rind contains saponins, natural foam formers. Do not cause allergies, treat dermatitis. And have excellent detergent properties. In general, soap nuts are certified as a laundry detergent. But in fact, they can replace all household chemicals in the house. For body care. Washing dishes, and all surfaces. Laundry washing. Suitable for hand washing and automatic washing. Of additional products, you may need oxygen bleach. And a canvas bag for the shells for the time of washing (some use a sock). Usually comes as a gift with the nuts. They sell them in packs of 500 grams and 1 kilo.

5-8 pieces, shells, put in a baggie, then in the drum of the washing machine. It is better to soak it in a container of hot water, and then pour it all into the washing machine, then there will be more soapy properties. You can boil the same number of fruits, whip the broth with a blender, and you will be surprised by the most delicate foam, the resulting detergent. It is used for body wash and hand wash. And dishes. It is wonderful to wash hair with it. One has only to accustom himself to the natural care, then it becomes simple and easy. And not insignificantly, they are completely safe for the planet.

The next product for washing children's laundry, these are innovative laundry plates that you can buy in Dubai. They are made in Japan. Created, according to the manufacturer, based on biodegradable and natural ingredients. It contains: coconut alcohol, deionized water, and natural vegetable oils. Consumption of 2-6 pieces of plates for 3-8 kg of laundry. Used for hand and automatic laundry, plates are placed in the drum of a washing machine.

The third favorite, among the safe means for washing. This is a familiar soap powder. Until recently, about 15 years ago, soap was replaced by it. And shampoos. And laundry detergents. Even shaving foam. Later it was superseded by the giants of the market. Fast and pungent in their properties. With bright chemical fragrances. But extremely unsafe for children, and the environment.

Soap shavings allow you to create detergents, without special skills. And most importantly, its properties are so delicate that it is indicated for skin diseases, allergies, and hypersensitivity. Now it is not available everywhere. Here is the recipe. A piece of good soap a day before cooking dry on the radiator. After rubbing it on a grater. For hand washing, dissolve 5 grams of shavings in 1 liter of hot water, stir well, pour into a basin. Proceed to wash. And for detergents, the same volume of funds, only add corn starch, you will get a thick, persistent foam.

With experience, you can add essential oils to soap nuts and shavings laundry. Today, soap shavings for washing baby laundry. You can find them in stores of household chemicals. Carefully read the composition, the name may not match the content.

Also, there are many special, children's household chemicals on the shelves. They have less odor. Less aggressive cleaning products. And special additives to soften fabric.

What to use in the house, everyone decides for himself. It is not necessary to panic at the sight of Eared Nanny. But pay special attention to what the baby breathes, we must. After all, all these chemical compounds, most of the time in direct contact with his skin. Be attentive to your loved ones and stay healthy. 


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