Relax on vacation, go on an exhibition or dine at a cozy restaurant, sign up for a spa or fitness center. Take a break from the flow of endless chores, cooking, washing and ironing.

Filipina home helpers will look after your home better than anyone else. Cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, ironing and cooking - these things will no longer take up your time, which you can spend on more important or pleasant things.

All staff have a high level of training, know the principles of a VIP wardrobe- caring, as well as know how to set the table correctly and cook delicious Russian food.

Only the vice keepers who have completed the necessary training of 4 courses: cleaning/table setting/cooking/VIP wardrobe-caring are allowed to work.

Home maid housekeeper in Dubai
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Main responsibilities:

  • wet and dry cleaning in the apartment
  • window cleaning (using modern cleaning technologies and various cleaning supplies)
  • laundry and ironing
  • VIP wardrobe-caring (washing, ironing, cleaning), plants care
  • table setting
  • grocery shopping
  • breakfasts, lunches and dinners cooking
  • other small errands: paying bills, dry cleaning, shopping, pet care

We are pleased to offer you perfect services,

for temporary or permanent basis. It is possible to invite a vice keeper for a different period - from 3 hours to a full time


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