About the agency

The rhythm of life of modern families is busy and dynamic - frequent trips, irregular working hours, moving to another country. There is little time left for household chores, and it is very important to relax and take time for yourself.

The Vice Keeper staff comes to the rescue - caring and qualified nannies and housekeepers, as well as attentive drivers and experienced chefs from different countries.

We will select for you the best employees to whom you can entrust your home, childcare and your own safety.

Filipina employees
Filipina nanny, housekeeper

Why do we attract staff from around the world?

Because each nationality carries its own value in the labor market.

Filipino nannies and housekeepers are very calm and friendly, they sincerely care for children and diligently do housework. Drivers from India and Pakistan are organized and very reliable, and chefs from all over the world will definitely surprise you with dishes of international cuisine.


VICE KEEPER provides

Selection of highly qualified personnel When selecting employees, all your wishes and needs are taken into account. Nannies and housekeepers are allowed to work only if they have completed four levels of training (cleaning/serving/cooking/VIP wardrobe care) and have passed the exams. Drivers and chefs have extensive experience and have established themselves as professionals in their field.
Legal guarantees All of our Filipino workers are employed by the agency and have official documents, not tourist visas.
Impeccable service Each client is taken care of by a personal manager who oversees the work of specialists, controls the quality of services and answers any questions.

Our mission

We care about the time and well-being of our clients, freeing them from household chores. The qualified work of our specialists provides you with a comfortable life, making it easy and safe.

The Vice Keeper team guarantees impeccable service, strives for excellence and is always open to innovation.

By creating and developing a business, we not only work for clients, but also positively influence the career growth of employees. Attracting specialists from all over the world is our own contribution to improving the employment system and raising the living standards of our staff.

We are happy to free you from the daily routine

and provide you everything from cleaning to cooking and more specialized services like teaching and caring for children. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind knowing that whatever they need is taken care of by our professional team.

Trust us with your comfort!



Vice Keeper is not just a recruiting agency.

It is a growing, modern and tolerant company. We treat everyone with great respect, always help and take care of everyone.

The employment of workers from other countries is our own contribution to the development of the labor market and the improvement of the living standards of the staff.

Now we have a Vice Keeper charity club - the funds raised from there are used to educate the children of our employees. We believe that every person has the right to live well and build a career, regardless of their origin.