About the agency

Today's rhythm of life is eventful and so dynamic - frequent trips, irregular working hours, from country to country moving. There is so little time and energy left to spend time with children and take care of the house. But rest and finding time to take a breath remains a very important thing

Prepared and experienced home staff from the Philippines are always ready to help! Reliable assistants will help you to keep your home in order and look after your children.

The VICE KEEPER agency finds only high quality home staff for client’s request

Filipina employees
Filipina nanny, housekeeper

Why Filipina employees?

Staff from the Philippines are considered to be the world's best, as they are tactful workers, they respect employers and sincerely care about children and the entire home. Vice keepers from the Philippines are clean and tidy by nature, and they carry out all assignments by rule and line. One of their strongest traits is that they get along well with children, take care of them with mother warmth. And as hospitable and friendly employee, they will fill your home with coziness and comfort


VICE KEEPER provides

Shortlisting of highly qualified staff All the wishes and needs of the client are taken into account. Only the candidates, who have completed four training courses (cleaning / table setting/ cooking / VIP wardrobe-caring) and have passed the exams, are allowed to work in families. Our specialists are well aware of European traditions, so they know for sure how to create and maintain a favorable atmosphere within the client’s house
Legal guarantees All the Filipina employees are issued by the agency and have official documents, not just tourist visas.
Perfect service Each client is assigned a personal manager who supervises the work of specialists, controls quality and services, and establishes interaction between client and employees. The staff gets to the destination point by the agency's transport.

Our mission

Freeing our clients from household duties and issues, we care about their well-being, peace and happiness. Our experienced specialists make everything possible to ensure your home is always clean and comfortable.

VICE KEEPER team guarantees impeccable service, strives for excellence and is always ready to grow and improve

Apart from that, we not only work for clients, but also influence the employees’ career growth. By attracting specialists from all over the world, we improve the employment system and raise the life standard of our staff.

We are happy to free you from the daily routine

and provide you everything from cleaning to cooking and more specialized services like teaching and caring for children. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind knowing that whatever they need is taken care of by our professional team.

Trust us with your comfort!