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Being a busy parent, whether you are busy at work, on a much-needed vacation, or on an unavoidable business trip, you might look for a nanny service to provide better care for your children.

In such cases, we would always love to exceed your expectations. Our carefully scrutinized handpicked Filipino nannies in Dubai are patient, friendly, and educated to satisfy all the educational and nutritional needs of your child. Our nannies strive to provide a supportive and well-mannered environment for your child in your absence and reach all your childcare goals.

At VICEKEEPER, all our nannies have high-quality education and necessary training to provide your child with the best early development which paves the strongest foundation for their lifelong learning.

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Caretakers Comparison


  • Role: A certified professional in caregiving, nursing & midwifery.
  • Training and Qualifications: Holds certifications in caregiving, nursing, midwifery & accreditation training such as CPR and specialised training for specific needs
  • Focus of Care: Focused on the specific needs such as the newborn, toddler, older kids, elderly or those with medical conditions.
  • Responsibilities: Provides specialised care, including hygiene, growth & development, nutrition, tummy time, sleep training and assistance.
  • Availability: Available for part-time or full-time care, depending on the needs.
  • Language and Education: Have a higher level of formal education and language skills.
  • Household Duties: Responsible for care tasks and can only tidy up the child room.
  • Cost: A higher cost due to specialised skills and training.
  • Special Needs Support: Equipped to care individuals with special needs


  • Role: A versatile carer with a broader range of responsibilities.
  • Training and Qualifications: Have basic home care training including babysitting, housekeeping, pet care, cooking, home management and many more.
  • Focus of Care: Balances baby sitting along with household duties like cooking, cleaning, pet care and home management.
  • Responsibilities: Manages babysitting tasks, educational activities, and household chores.
  • Availability: Often available for part-time or full-time babysitting and household management for either live-in or live-out basis.
  • Language and Education: Have education relevant to home management and may speak multiple languages.
  • Household Duties: Manages a wide range of household responsibilities in addition to babysitting.
  • Cost: Often a more cost-effective choice for families needing versatile support and assistance.
  • Special Needs Support: Have basic knowledge but not an expert but can be caring & loving

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We understand that every child and their family is unique, so we provide a wide range of options for our customers to choose the best nannies from the town that match their family needs.

  • Daily routine of the child
  • Nutritional needs of the child
  • Educating developmental skills
  • Child safety & protection
  • Positive relationship with the child
  • Organizing leisure activities
  • Developing independence skills
  • Co-sleeping if insisted
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You may look out for a live-in nanny Dubai, live-out nanny Dubai, full-time nanny, or part-time nanny in Dubai, we are here to find the best nanny in Dubai who meets your expectations in no time. Dial, to discuss more about our hire-a-nanny service or monthly nanny services in Dubai.

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